Segal Blakeman, Esq.

Over her 20 year legal career, Ms. Blakeman has litigated many diverse legal issues in federal, state and appellate courts throughout the five boroughs of New York City, as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Blakeman represented business entities from all over the world in multi-million dollar, multi-national complex commercial disputes, and has developed a unique and effective negotiation style.

Ms. Blakeman has also had the unique advantage of serving as principal law clerk to a Supreme Court Judge in the Matrimonial Center in Nassau County for almost three years where she handled over 400 divorce actions and quickly earned the reputation of being intelligent, “no-nonsense,” and “getting things done.” Ms. Blakeman was also known for her uncanny ability to help settle even the most hotly contested matrimonial matters, and she is well respected among colleagues, adversaries and Judges in the legal matrimonial community.

Her understanding of business and financial matters has made her adept at structuring global financial settlement packages for her clients which include equitable distribution, spousal and child support.

After witnessing and experiencing first-hand the devastating impact of adversarial divorces on children and on the parties both emotionally and financially, Ms. Blakeman decided to devote her practice to all aspects of matrimonial and family law litigation. She represents her clients with passion and compassion, and is a firm believer in safeguarding the children during the divorce process and that achieving out-of-court settlement is more beneficial to her clients both financially and emotionally than a lengthy divorce battle in the courts.