Commercial Litigation

Facing an impending court battle? The team at Stone Studin Young & Nigro has extensive experience with every form of business lawsuit.

We’re not afraid to fight hard to protect your interests. We regularly prepare as if litigation is an inevitability, not a surprise. Indeed, for most business owners litigation is just that: a normal part of doing business that must be accounted for. 

Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

When you can’t resolve a disagreement with partners or shareholders, litigation may be your only recourse. We’ve helped companies resolve disagreements over capital contributions, operating agreements, severance agreements, and more. 

In cases where a partnership must dissolve we can help you navigate the breakup while helping you preserve the company. 

Breach of Contract Claims

Any time one of your business partners violates an agreement your company suffers real losses. We can help you recover losses in breach of contract claims.

It is also likely your company may at some point be accused of failing to live up to your own obligations. We can help defend you against these lawsuits, which can be very costly for any company. 

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Litigation

If your company has been accused of breaking faith with those they hold a fiduciary duty towards then you will need expert help to defend these claims. These allegations are extremely serious.

We can also help you prevent disputes through careful structuring of corporate agreements and corporate governance consultation. We can help you develop and implement specific agreements and contracts which can prevent these claims from arising and which can help to defend your company once they do. 

Fraud and Unfair Competition Litigation

Accused of engaging in unfair business practices such as false advertising, bait and switch schemes, unauthorized substitution of one brand of goods for another, false representation, or trade defamation? 

Need to defend your trade secrets, trademarks, or your own professional reputation against the defamations of a competitor? 

Our law firm is here to help. 

Securities and Antitrust Litigation

Securities litigation covers the purchase and transfer of company stocks. If those stocks are sold under false pretenses investors or shareholders may launch a securities lawsuit. These suits are serious and expensive. It takes an experienced attorney to defend your position in such a lawsuit.

Antitrust litigation arises when a company is accused of price-fixing, creating a monopoly, or otherwise creating an unfair advantage.

We help both when you are sued by individuals and when you are swept up in class actions. We can also help you develop policies, procedures, agreements, and practices that help shield your company from both types of litigation. 

Intellectual Property Litigation

Protecting your IP has never been more important. We help you protect your licenses, patents, trademarks, domain names, copyrights, data, and other trade secrets. 

We also help defend you in cases where your company is being accused of misusing someone else’s intellectual property. This litigation can be quite cut-throat, and can cost far more than any damages awarded by the court simply because it can prevent you from pursuing profitable product lines. 

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