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You’re a creative, passionate leader with solutions to share with the world. Partner with a creative, passionate law firm who is capable of guiding you through the legal side of transforming your idea into a full, viable, valuable company. 

We forge a deep relationship with you and listen closely to understand your goals for your business. Are you trying to create a long-lasting business that will stand the test of time? Are you hoping for a big, explosive sale? Are you looking for investors who will back your business?

Each of these scenarios requires a different legal strategy and approach.

Entity Formation

It’s vital to choose a business structure that supports your goals. Every structure comes with different advantages and disadvantages. 

For example, sole proprietorships don’t have too many strings attached to them, either for starting one or for remaining in compliance with the law, but the proprietor of the business is legally liable for everything that goes wrong, and personal assets may be seized to repay business debts. LLCs and Limited Partnerships reduce the amount of liability, but come with certain tax and administrative regulations in exchange.

Corporations give the individuals in charge of the business the most personal protection, but come with much greater administrative obligations, and create a more complex series of tax obligations. 

Certain companies, based on their purpose or design, might benefit from applying for 501(c)(3) status or some other not-for-profit status, but that comes with a lot of oversight.

There are also certain in-between options like B-corps, C-corps, and S-corps. 

It all depends on both your short-term and long-term goals for your new company. We’ll provide you with strategic guidance that can help you make the right choice. 

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Launching your company with others? Don’t assume you’ll always see eye-to-eye. Shareholder and partnership disputes are common, especially when large sums of money start entering the equation.

A well-crafted agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of every person involved with a company. It explains when and how each person will be paid and it offers methods of solving disputes that stop well short of litigation. Creating solid partnership and shareholder agreements is one of the best ways you can protect your company’s future.

Legal Guidance for Funding Rounds

Getting an investor isn’t just a matter of accepting the check. You must have certain legal structures in place to ensure you’re in compliance with the law. Every major investment also comes with contracts, and closing the deal will require legal guidance at every step during the process. 

We can help you get your legal house in order before you seek funding, and we can help you with the negotiation and drafting of the documents that will allow you to close the deal. We will help you ensure that your shareholders are dealt with in accordance with the law throughout the life of your business. Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of a securities lawsuit: work with us from Day 1. 

Protecting IP

If you’re like many modern entrepreneurs, intellectual property forms the lifeblood of your business. You’ll want to take steps to protect yours and to defend it from challenges. 

We can help you defend the patents, software licenses, copyrights, data, and trade secrets that form the lifeblood of your business. 

Managing Employees

Costly employment lawsuits can cost you your business. Make sure you’re handling your employees correctly from day one. 

We can help you meet your legal obligations before you make your first hire, and can help you develop policies, procedures, and processes that will reduce the number of legal challenges your business is likely to face.


You can’t protect your business by attempting to use boilerplate contracts that you find on the Internet. They won’t apply to your business and they won’t be enforceable when the time comes.

We can help you develop the routine contracts you’ll need to conduct your business on a day-to-day basis. We can also help you negotiate the higher-end contracts that will help you close your biggest and most important business deals. 

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