Outside General Counsel Services

Don’t want to bear the expense of hiring an in-house lawyer? Retaining our firm gives you the power of an in-house legal department without all of the expenses of adding someone new to your payroll. 

Get help with all of your regular business needs, such as negotiating contracts, monitoring investment venues, helping you stay on top of regulatory requirements, and even attending board appointments on your behalf. We work hard to understand your business so that we can understand and react to your legal needs and challenges. 

We’ve served clients such as Socialike, Denny’s Childrenswear, U.S. Digital Sciences Corp., Phipps Construction, Inc., and more. You can trust us to look after all of your legal needs. 

Don’t wait for the lawsuit.

Here’s the truth: most Long Island businesses will find themselves in court sooner or later. It’s important to do a strategic review of your entire business to close off potential liabilities.

When you work with our law firm you can get guidance on policies and procedures that can keep you out of court. These frameworks can also serve as part of your defense strategy when litigation becomes inevitable.

Get help with routine legal matters.

When you’re in business, the legal is routine. Contracts, state filings, intellectual property matters, real estate issues, and other issues are day-to-day affairs. Businesses who choose to try to navigate these issues on their own often do so to their detriment. 

Keep your business on the right side of the law. Don’t let an innocent legal mistake or an obscure law that you aren’t even aware of threaten your ability to keep your company up and running. 

Cost-effective Legal Services

The team at Stone Studin Young & Nigro understands that your legal costs need to be manageable and friendly to your bottom line. That’s why we offer many alternatives for retaining our firm. 

We can either bill you through a monthly retainer or on an hourly, as-needed basis depending on your requirements and needs. Our interaction with your business will be custom-tailored to ensure that your needs are met. Businesses with fewer regulatory requirements, for example, may need far fewer hours than highly regulated businesses routinely embroiled in complex legal affairs. 

No matter which plan you choose, your attorney will always be just one phone call away, ensuring that you have peace of mind whenever you need it. We’re here to help with it all: the quick phone call to double check the language you’re about to use on an ad all the way down to helping you negotiate a big contract that could change the future of your business. 

Ready to get started? Call (516) 679-4300 to set up a consultation today.