Labor & Employment

Hiring employees creates legal obligations. As soon as you hire your first employee you’re governed by a web of obligations and regulations. Disputes can arise between employees and employers which can lead to litigation. 

Treating your employees well isn’t enough to protect your company. Our firm helps your firm navigate the complex waters of labor and employment law, advising you so that you remain in compliance and helping you to fight back in the event that your company is sued. 

Policy Development

The proper company policies can go a long way towards protecting your organization, and taking the proper legal steps can create a competitive advantage.

For example, creating an employee stock option program is a great way to retain talent, but it must be set up correctly to remain legal and effective. 

Creating company policies and procedures can help offer a defense in employment litigation, and can provide guidance when it’s time to hire and fire. Developing key employee retention plans and policies can help ensure you will continue to receive support from your most important executives. 

Employment Agreements and Restrictive Covenants

A well-crafted employment agreement can keep both you and your employees happy throughout the life of your time together. Should an employee fail to live up to their obligations you can always refer back to these contracts to prevent litigation or resolve disputes between your company and the former employee. 

Restrictive covenants include non-compete agreements, non-solicitation provisions, and confidentiality provisions. Each of these protects you when employees strike out on their own, ensuring that a new, competing business started by an ex-employee won’t poach your clients or take unfair advantage to reduce your market share.

Guidance on Labor and Employment

Don’t get blindsided by a lawsuit. We work with businesses to protect their interests throughout the hiring and firing process. Employment agreements, policies, and procedures can protect your company from lawsuits related to employment.

Labor & Employment Litigation

We have successfully represented companies in labor and employment litigation, including class action lawsuits.

Call us when you are sued for wrongful termination, find yourself having to enforce a non-compete agreement, are facing down sexual harrassment claims, or are accused of discrimination. You can also call us when you are dealing with labor disputes, including when you need to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with a union. 

Sports & Entertainment Labor & Employment

Under the mentorship of premier sports lawyers Jeffrey Kessler and James Quinn, Tamir Young has previously represented the players associations of the NBA, NFL, and MLS on numerous litigation and collective bargaining matters, as well as individual players in countless player arbitrations.

On his own, Tamir has also drafted and negotiated sponsorship and licensing agreements on behalf of athletes, coaches, and various sports properties, and has negotiated numerous individual player contracts on behalf of athletes in several sports.

He has also served as a player agent for professional athletes and has guided college athletes through NCAA compliance matters. Tamir is considered a thought leader in the area of sports law. He has taught and lectured in various subjects of sports and has long been an active member of the sports legal community. 

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